Services with an exclusive focus on the oil and gas market

Quality services

Technical assistance

Local and complete technical assistance for the entire product line

We bring to Brazil not only equipment, but also the technology to operate it and the ability to maintain it in the national territory, whether in the field or at our base in Macaé.

  • Trained technical staff
  • Local assistance authorized by the manufacturer
  • Operation of equipment and processes applied
  • Team trained and retrained in international manufacturers and
    internal procedures
  •  Onshore and offshore field service
  • 14 exclusive employees for field service

Engineering and Projects

State-of-the-art software

We are ready to offer support in development and improvement of parts and equipment

Whether in the basic design or reverse engineering of mechanical parts, we are ready to offer support from the simplest items to highly complex and precision parts.

  • State-of-the-art 3D CAD, CAM and CAE software
  • Laboratório Dimensional Completo
  • Equipe Altamente Capacitada




Top Solid

Valve Maintenance

Predictive, Preventive and Corrective

We perform predictive maintenance services, preventive and corrective in valves of all types.

Including choke valves, control valves, block valves and plate holder valves. The entire process is carried out in one place, ensuring agility and competitiveness. We have more than 20 years of experience in maintaining surface or underwater valves, actuated or manual, with technical staff
regularly trained and retrained, regularly serving the main customers in the O&G market.

  • Structure of 4000 m2 Perfectly Equipped
  • Integrated Management System ISO 9001, ISO 14001 e ISO 45001
  • Focused on quality and commitment to the environment and employee health

Valve Diagnostics

Control and Blocking

With the main objective of diagnosing the valve without the need to remove it from the process line.

Our diagnostic and leak detection equipment operates with high technology and is intrinsically safe, enabling operation in classified areas. Targeted at predictive maintenance, they maximize the productivity of operations and minimize losses and rework. Control valve diagnostic equipment was developed to carry out a complete check of them online, saving time and money. In the end, it is possible to know precisely the
internal state of the valve, make necessary adjustments and plan the replacement of parts that have been identified as defective, avoiding unexpected plant stops and thus ensuring the continuity of the process.

  • Optimize your process and maintenance schedule
  • Avoid loss of products due to burning and leakage for general emissions
  • Increased availability of the production process, avoiding unscheduled stops
  • Reduction in scheduled downtime due to scope optimization


Mechanics, Machining, Boilermaking, Welding of special alloys (Clad) and Dimensional certification (RBC)

We have CNC and conventional machines.

We have CNC and conventional machines, modeling software, a complete metrological laboratory and an experienced team to offer machining, light boilermaking and assembly services with a high level of quality, agility and competitiveness.

  • Certified Processes – ISO 9001
  • Commitment to the Environment – ISO 14001
  • Concern for employee health and safety – ISO 45001.

API, ASME and VG (DIN) Flange Manufacturing


Flange Repair Machining


API Thread Recovery

We have specific devices and machines for this type of work meeting the required standard by the market

We are qualified to recover the main types of API threads in drill pipes, casings and tubings in the O&G market.

  • Quality control
  • Highly Trained Team
  • Experience in the Industry


Machining Center​ D1250

Capacity:​ 1270 x 610 x 640 mm​ (Machine with fourth axis)

Manufacturing Area


G550M CNC Lathe

Max turnable Ø: 530 mm Maximum Length: 1300 mm​ (Machine with driven tool for milling)​


CNC boring machine​

Capacity:​ Pieces up to 5 tons.​


Romi Galaxy 50M CNC Lathe

Max turnable Ø: 530 mm​ Maximum Length: 1300 mm​ (Machine with driven milling tool)


Machining Center​ D1250

Capacity:​ 1270 x 610 x 640 mm​ (Machine with fourth axis)

Welding and Boilermaking​


Cladding Machine

Welding Capacity

WPS 01 Inconel X 4340 Solda
WPS 02 Inconel X 4130 Solda
WPS 03 Inconel X 8630 Solda
WPS 04 Inconel X F22 Solda
WPS 05 Inconel X 4340 Reparo
WPS 06 Inconel X 4130 Reparo
WPS 07 Inconel X 8630 Reparo
WPS 08 Inconel X F22 Reparo
WPS 09 Inconel X 4130 Enchimento
WPS 10 Inox X 4130
WPS 11 Inox X Inox

Welding and Boilermaking Area


GTAW Hot Wire

Inconel Coating Stainless Steel Coating Steel Welding



Maximum Current 500A Working voltage 14.5-39.5V 65V open circuit 500A @ 40% 360A @ 100% Weight 32.5 kg


Mig Mag Trans Steel 5000I


Cladding Machine

Welding and Boilermaking​

Welding and Boilermaking Projects


Ball Cutting

Ball Cutting


Design and Manufacturing

Design and Manufacturing


Subsea Spool

Pioneering project in the pre-salt for repairing sections of submarine pipelines


Subsea Spool


Subsea Bop Crossover


Subsea Bop Crossover


Bonnet Reengineering


Bonnet Reengineering



Logic Tool Intervention


Suporte para Tubo