We represent the best manufacturers in the world in the Oil and Gas segment

Choke Valve

Manufacturer:  MasterFlo

Severe service control valve used for production control and injection of water and gas into production wells.

TOG Analyzer

Manufacturer: Pro Analysis

Exclusive probe monitors, In-Line Water Contamination Analyzers with Oil and Grease (these measurements are mandatory by standards on platforms, for example)

Water Cut Meter

Manufacturer: Phase Dynamics

Real-time precision instruments developed specifically for use in the petroleum industry to measure the amount of water in petroleum for the petroleum industry.


Manufacturer: StreamFlo

Stream-Flo Industries Ltd. manufactures wellheads, gate valves, check valves and surface safety valves for the global oil and gas industry.

Broady Valves

Manufacturer: Broady

Our product range provides solutions for projects of all shapes and sizes. We thrive on giving our customers exactly what they require and our comprehensive range of valves is designed to do just that. Whatever your requirement, there is sure to be a safety relief valve, sustaining valve, regulating valve, pilot valve or hydrant valve to fit your need.

Orifice Plate

Manufacturer: Petrolane

Manufacturing of primary element for flow measurement.