Our Services

Petrolane has a facility in Macaé with electronic laboratory, pool / test bunker, overhead crane of 5 tons, hydraulic units and tolling for maintenance, painting and teste, that means fully prepared for services rendered and recovery of equipment they represent.

Our knowledge is based on the experience of our engineers (Mechanics, Electrical, Electronics, Chemistry, Automation and Oil and Gas).

Our staff is periodically trained at represented factories and capable to work offshore.

Petrolane is able to perform all services offshore or at Macaé facility.


Local and complete technical assistance for all our products

Petrolane not only import products but also the technology to operate and to perform maintenance all over Brazil, onshore, offshore and at our Macaé facility. Our staff, periodically trained at represented factories, can offer local and complete technical assistance with up to date resources to guarantee the operation of our products and the systems they are installed.

Engineering and Project

Petrolane has the latest generation of software as CAD 3D, CAM e CAE. In addition to the dimensional laboratory and skilled staff, Petrolane is ready to support the development and enhancement of parts and equipment. Whether in basic design or reverse engineering of mechanical parts, we are ready to support from simple items to highly complex and accurate parts.

Maintenance on Choke Valves, Control Valves and Valves in General

Our facility, located in Novo Cavaleiros-Macaé-RJ, has a structure of 4.000 m2 and is perfectly equipped to perform preventive and corrective maintenance service on valves of all types, including choke valves and door valves plates. Every process is performed in one place, ensuring agility and competitiveness. We have over 20 years of experience in surface or subsea valve maintenance, whether actuated or manual, regularly trained and recycled technical staff, and regularly serve major O&G operators and charterers. With integrated management system ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001, we deliver the highest quality and commitment to the environment and the health of its employees.

Inline Valve Diagnostics

Valve defects and leaks represent a huge risk to the environment, safety and are one of the main reasons for reducing profit in companies. Our leak detection and diagnostics equipment operate with high technology and is intrinsically safe enabling operation in hazardous areas. Aimed at predictive maintenance, they maximize operating productivity and minimize loss and rework. Acoustic Leak Detectors are portable tools that use sensors capable of detecting and measuring high frequency noise generated by turbulence when the valve sealing device fails, whether operating with liquids, vapors or gases. Control Valve Diagnostic equipment is designed to perform a complete check on life-saving valves saving time and money. Hysteresis, Resolution, Sensitivity, Step, Dead Band, Closing Speed, Seat Positioning are some of the tests performed and documented through graphics generated by the software. At the end it is possible to accurately know the internal state of the valve, make necessary adjustments and plan for the replacement of parts that have been identified as defective. Avoiding unexpected plant shutdowns and thereby ensuring the continuity of the process

Machining and Mechanical Fabrication

We have conventional and CNC machines, a complete metrology laboratory and an experienced team to offer machining, welding and assembly services with high quality, agility and competitiveness. All our processes are certified according to ISO 9001, in addition to our commitment to the environment through ISO 14001 and concern for the health and safety of our employees by OSHAS 18001.

Recovery of tubular threads

We have software and machines specific to this type of work, as well as all the necessary instrumentation for quality control and trained staff to meet the standard required by the market. We are able to machine or recover the main types of thread of equipment and products in O&G market.